Since we are waiting for the very first inaugural Bullathon to get underway, we thought that the very first testimonial should be our own. Sort of a statement of intent as to why we decided to do all of this.

We, the Travel Scientists believe that the places we go should be more than the blurred way points that we blast through. In order to experience adventure travel truly, you need to do more than just line up a bunch of places to run through. You should really understand and love the places that you visit. If you don’t take the time to grasp the flavor of where you are, then it is better of you are locked up in a hotel room anywhere on the planet, or simply at home.

We really like zooming around too, but if that’s all you ever do then your travel is just too impersonal. Fixing this is what the Bullathon is all about – putting the personality back into your traveling. You will get the real personality of the land and the people, the culture and amazing treasures it has to show to the right adventurers. Even your mode of transport has its own personality.

We are doing this because we think all those personalities are just awesome. For want of a better phrase, we really are doing this one for the love. It’s going to be spectacular, and we can’t wait to have you aboard.


The Travel Scientists, every one of us.


This is an amazing adventure unlike any other on the planet. Climb on board - we’re setting off…

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