First off – you do not need any animal handling experience. We would be really quite surprised if anyone turns out to be some sort of bull-riding veteran, unless they have been on the Bullathon before.

However, this is a real adventure and any expedition of this kind involves some degree of physical demands and risks. The most serious danger posed is likely forgetting where you are while looking at the scenery and stepping off of the tall-sided wagons. Just to help everyone understand what the Bullathon may require of you, we have put together a little Q&A.

No. We will provide lessons in handling and driving at the start of the trip, and experienced farmers and veterinarians will be on staff. Where on Earth would you have even gotten cow riding experience?

Not very, but due to the unpredictable nature of adventuring we recommend you to be at least whole and healthy in body and mind. The bull carts are probably about as high as the desk which your computer is currently on, so imagine having to climb on and off that every time you want to dismount.

You might have to give a bit of encouragement when your bull buddies think that right here is exactly the place to stop for no particular reason at all. You will also have to handle the luggage and supplies you will want for the day. Beyond that the demands of strength are not enormous.

What can be much more taxing on your physical resolve is India itself. It can be hot, rainy, humid, overcast and then really hot, all withing the span of an hour. In addition to this, a constant feast for all the senses; exotic food, unexpected events, and long full days are expected. In this case, the experience can be exhausting.

The Travel Scientists are here to help you within the boundaries of an essential policy of not holding your hand or nannying you every step of the way as a part of what we’d like to call “Minimum Interference Experience”. Please keep in mind that any adventure, particularly those involving animals, has the potential to be dangerous and accidents can happen – you must take responsibility for your own safety whilst riding.

There will be support vehicles in operation, as well as experienced bull-handlers and veterinarians.

We do not have a dedicated Search & Rescue team, nor roadside assistance, or The Thunderbirds. We will however make sure that no one is left behind or excluded. Moreover, we will do our best to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

The Travel Scientists have put together a super-team of outstanding accommodation and service providers to make every step of your experience amazing. All of the providers are third-party organisations that do not work under our authority.

As a part of participating in the Bullathon, you are kindly asked to read our Terms & Conditions, which will indicate that you understand that the third-parties are beyond our control, and that you accept that coming along also entails a certain amount of physical risk. Don’t worry – we would not even know what to do with your soul or first-born child.

Vaccinations, visas, personal spending money, additional activities and travel to and from the Airport of your departure before your journey to India are not included.



This is an amazing adventure unlike any other on the planet. Climb on board - we’re setting off…

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